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  • Swift Programming - Zero To Hero - Part OneThis is Part one of Zero to Hero in Swift Programming. This is for beginners those who want to get started with Swift Programming.
  • Messenger Just Added More Fun to Your Video ChatsBy Nora Micheva, Product Manager, Messenger Video chats with your friends and family in Messenger just got a whole lot more fun. Check out the awesome new features—like animated reactions, filters, masks and effects, and the ability to take screenshots—available for one-on-one and group video chats. You can now share your emotions with a reaction, […]
  • Getting Started With MongoDB - Introduction To MongoDBIn this article, you will learn about Getting Started with MongoDB.
  • A little place for my stuff: How big bacteria can grow depends on how much fat they can makeJust as people endlessly calculate how to upsize or downsize, bacteria continually adjust their volume (their stuff) to fit inside their membrane (their space). But what limits their expansion? The answer will surprise you.
  • The Amazon Echo now doubles as a home intercom system Amazon will officially release the Show in a few days, but in the meantime, the company is introducing a long-awaited intercom feature for existing Echo devices. The addition uses Drop-In, a teleconferencing feature introduced on the Show that lets close friends and family members call into one another’s device with little warning. I really didn’t like the feature when I tested… Read More
  • Tiny magnetic tremors unlock exotic superconductivityDeep within solids, individual electrons zip around on a nanoscale highway paved with atoms. For the most part, these electrons avoid one another, kept in separate lanes by their mutual repulsion. But vibrations in the atomic road can blur their lanes and sometimes allow the tiny particles to pair up. The result is smooth and lossless travel, and it's one way to create superconductivity.
  • My Workflow Before I Submit Code ChangesIn this article, you will learn about my Workflow before I submit code changes.
  • Tesco launches one-hour grocery deliveries in London, powered by Quiqup The grocery delivery wars look set to get cooking… UK supermarket chain Tesco has announced the launch today of a one-hour delivery service in central London called Tesco Now — echoing Amazon’s Prime Now delivery branding. Read More
  • Starling Bank passports to Europe, first stop Ireland London-based Starling Bank is continuing to gather momentum. After a staggered launch of its current account kicked off in March, the digital-only bank is announcing imminent expansion to Europe, starting with the Republic of Ireland where it has attained a so-called “banking passport”. Read More
  • Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter form Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism Today Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter collectively announced a new partnership aimed at reducing the accessibility of internet services to terrorists. The new Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism adds structure to existing efforts by the companies to target and remove from major web platforms recruiting materials for terror groups. Read More

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Reducing conducting thin film surface roughness for electronics

2:23:44 PM 2017

As transistor dimensions within integrated circuits continue to shrink, smooth metallic lines are required to interconnect these devices. If the surfaces of these tiny metal lines aren't smooth enough, it substantially reduces their ability to conduct electrical and thermal energy -- decreasing functionality. Engineers report an advance in modeling results that establish electrical surface treatment of conducting thin films as a physical processing method for reducing surface roughness.


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